Hangover Survival Guide: Causes, Remedies, and Impact on Health

Alcohol is widely consumed in the world for social enjoyment, relaxation and emotional coping. In many cultures, alcohol consumption is deeply ingrained in traditions, rituals, and social customs. However, it is also a leading contributor to substance abuse. In US and Europe, more than half of the population consumes alcohol now and then. However, about […]

Science and Lifestyle Strategies for Healthy Aging

It is a well-known fact that no two people age at the same speed. Some age faster and frequently experiences health issues. Others seem to live a relatively healthy and active life for long. Of course, genetics here play a role. However, lifestyle choices play a greater role in healthy aging. Surely, at least with […]

Productivity and Performance: Nutrition Hacks for Busy Professionals

Busy professionals are well aware of problems like chronic lack of concentration, declining energy levels, and high-stress levels. Furthermore, individuals involved in cognitive tasks are at a higher risk of experiencing burnout – physical, emotional or mental exhaustion, accompanied by decreased motivation, lowered performance and negative attitudes towards oneself and others. There could be many […]