Is Ketamine Safe for Mental Health Treatment?

Exploring the Safety Profile of Ketamine Compared to Other Medications   Introduction: Is ketamine safe for mental health treatment? Many individuals have questions and concerns about the safety of using ketamine as a therapeutic option. In this blog, we will delve into the safety record of ketamine, compare it to other commonly prescribed mental health […]

Unlocking Psychedelics: How Celebrities Are Rewriting the Narrative

From Elon Musk to Amanda Feilding, A Look at the Celebrities Changing the Psychedelic Landscape   Introduction: In recent years, the world has witness a significant shift in the perception of psychedelics, and this transformation owes much to the influence of celebrities. From Elon Musk’s candid discussions about using ketamine to Amanda Feilding’s advocacy for […]

Science and Lifestyle Strategies for Healthy Aging

It is a well-known fact that no two people age at the same speed. Some age faster and frequently experiences health issues. Others seem to live a relatively healthy and active life for long. Of course, genetics here play a role. However, lifestyle choices play a greater role in healthy aging. Surely, at least with […]

NAD+ IV Therapy Benefits: A Complete Guide to Anti-aging Therapy

Humans have sought the fountain of youth for ages. Though reversing chronological age might not be possible, reducing metabolic age is possible. Two people of the same chronological age have different health statuses. This is due to the difference in metabolic age.1 It is well-known that some people seem to age faster, others more slowly. […]