Microdosing with ketamine offers a cost-effective alternative to intravenous or intranasal routes.  Dosages in IV and intranasal form can potentially cause a dissociative effect or psychedelic experience.  With AVYIA’s microdosing program, we avoid dissociative and psychedelic properties of the drug by taking smaller doses on a daily or regular basis.  Recent studies indicate that microdosing ketamine is still effective in treating mental health disorders, migraines, and suicidal ideation without the dissociative effects.  Those with chronic pain may benefit from microdosing daily as patients may require less opioid narcotics while on ketamine.

Ketamine microdosing is taken sublingually, or under the tongue, allowing direct absorption into the bloodstream through the mucosal membranes.  One of the primary benefits of taking ketamine orally is the convenience it offers to patients, negating the need for healthcare professionals to administer the drug and subsequently monitor the patient.  Those who microdose should notify their primary care or mental health providers that they are taking ketamine, so all parties can ensure safety in a patient’s care and therapeutic objectives.

While a standard microdosing regimen with ketamine provides impressive results by itself, combining it with therapy can enhance learning and yield superior outcomes.  AVYIA offers ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, where patients work with a licensed therapist during their ketamine treatments to yield better treatment outcomes.


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