Intravenous (IV) ketamine is the gold-standard of ketamine therapies for treating mental health disorders, OCD, and migraines.  With AVYIA’s seasoned healthcare professionals, you can now undergo these treatments in the privacy and comfort of your home.  For enhanced benefits, consider integrating ketamine-assisted therapy into your infusion sessions. This therapy involves a structured session overseen by a certified therapist. Research suggests that a series of six IV treatments spread over three weeks can lead to significant improvements, with some patients achieving total remission. Incorporating ketamine-assisted therapy can further optimize these outcomes.

The treatment’s dissociative and psychedelic characteristics are believed to encourage neuroplasticity, aiding in the restoration of compromised brain connections. A wealth of patient testimonials supports the efficacy of this approach. While the initial series of treatments can be transformative, occasional follow-up sessions might be required. Nonetheless, the intravenous method stands out as the most rapid and potent means to achieve full recovery from mental health challenges.

The dissociative and psychedelic properties are theorized to promote neuroplasticity, or the reconnecting of damaged brain pathways.  Numerous anecdotal patient reports attest to the effectiveness of this treatment modality, but the body of science behind ketamine is also robust and impressive.  Periodic booster sessions may be needed after the initial course of treatment; however, the intravenous route appears to be the fastest and most powerful method in achieving complete remission of one’s mental health disorders.


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