Ketamine Offers Transformative Treatment for Mood Disorders, Migraines, and Suicidal Ideation.

"A Game-Changer" for Your Well-Being

At-Home Ketamine Therapy

AVYIA offers a range ketamine dosing options:  IV infusion, intranasal spray and micrososing oral tablets. We provide the convenience of telehealth appointments, at-home treatments, and mail-order delivery of prescribed medications.  Get the independence, effectiveness, and safety you deserve with AVYIA’s ketamine therapies.

IV Infusion

Who Is Ketamine Therapy For?

AVYIA treats patients with the following disorders:


A feeling of sadness, hopelessness, and lack of interests

For individuals suffering with major depression, Ketamine therapy offers rapid relief. Many experience symptom alleviation within minutes to an hour after ketamine administration.


A feeling of persistent and excessive worry, fear, and unease

When Ketamine is used to treat anxiety, the anesthetic and dissociative drug works by blocking the NMDA receptors in the brain, which are responsible within minutes to for anxiety.


Experiencing extreme mood swings of highs and lows

Ketamine has the potential to alleviate complex symptoms of bipolar disorder. Studies indicate that it plays a role in regulating and rejuvenating neural pathways, benefiting bipolar patients.


Mental health symptoms that originate from traumatic events

Post-traumatic stress disorder patients have over activated glutamate neurotransmitters that lead to anxiety, depression, and stress. Ketamine inhibits glutamate activity. 


Persistent, unwanted thought and repetitive behaviors or mental acts

Ketamine can be an effective option for treating obsessive compulsive disorder. It offers rapid anti-obsessive effects and reduces intrusive thoughts,  compulsions.


Acute and chronic severe headaches of various kinds

Ketamine reduces the intensity and duration of migraine. Acting on specific NMDA receptors in the brain, ketamine modulates pain and inflammation and desensitizes the nervous.

Suicide Ideation

Thinking, planning, or having suicidal thoughts

Ketamine enhances cognition in participants with major depressive disorder and clinically significant suicidal ideation. Ketamine has a short-term effect on rectifying distorted about thinking.

Mood Disorders

Mental health symptoms that originate from traumatic events

Mood disorders is a group of mental health conditions characterized by disturbances in a person’s mood mental health conditions all of characterized by  significant disturbances 

What Does Ketamine Do?

The agent of change for the brain

Increase Neural Connections

Ketamine can increase the number of connections between neurons in the brain and increase the amount of time a neuron is active.
This means ketamine may increase communication between neurons, leading to increased neural plasticity and improved learning and memory.

Shaping Learning and Memory

Glutamate, the most abundant neurotransmitter is crucial in shaping learning and memory. Ketamine regulates glutamate in different parts of the brain to provide therapeutic effects.
Ketamine’s ability to regulate glutamate helps to explain how it can treat depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders by acting on the source of these complex cognitive behaviors and emotions.

Dissociative State-Of-Mind

As a dissociative anesthetic, ketamine at certain doses will induce a dream-like state with an out-of-body experience.
The dissociative effect has been theorized to be a catalyst in the promotion of neuroplasticity, or the re-wiring of the brain to alleviate mental health disorders.

Protect The Brain

Ketamine has been found to offer protective effects on the brain from injury and disease. It also reduces inflammation in the body, decreasing pain and discomfort.
Ketamine has been studied to be a neuroprotective agent in stroke, trauma, hemorrhage and seizure. It also reduces inflammation and protect against cell death in the brain.

Routes of Administration

IV infusion and intranasal treatments are safely administered in a home setting by a doctor or healthcare provider.  Microdosing tablets are self-administered prescriptions after a health assessment with one of AVYIA’s providers.  

What Does Feel Like To Be On Ketamine?

AVYIA’s ketamine may produce rapid symptom relief from mood disorders.  Ketamine IV and nasal treatments may also induce psychedelic or dissociative effects that may contribute to the therapeutic outcome. AVYIA’s microdosing program is dosed to avoid the dissociative effects seen in our IV or intranasal program, but typically requires a longer treatment duration.

Experiences differ from patient to patient with a wide range of sensations and effects. The specific experiences vary depending on various factors, including dosage, route of administration, individual sensitivity, and treatment goals.

During Ketamine Treatment You May Experience:

  • Relaxation, calm and disconnection from one’s surroundings;
  • Euphoria or heightened pleasure during the dosing session;
  • Dissociation feeling of detachment from one’s body (not for microdosing);
  • Perception changes with respect to space, time, and the environment;
  • Visual or auditory distortions, enhanced color, patterns, or sound;
  • Release of suppressed emotions or the surfacing of deeply held emotions;
  • Rapid onset relief of acute migraine and neuropathic pains.

Afterglow, Post Treatment Effects:

  • Uplifted and improved mood for more positive feel;
  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Better clarity and insights into one’s thoughts and emotions.
  • Increased creativity and ability to think outside of the box.
  • More open to social and interpersonal connections.
  • Increased mindfulness and in tune with one’s surroundings.
  • Potential improvement in sleep patterns and sleep quality.

Improved Results by Integrating Ketamine-Assisted Therapy:

Increase the duration of post treatment results.

  • Enhanced sensed of well-being, which includes improved energy, motivation, and resilience.
  • Increased emotional processing, which allows patients to better confront difficult emotions and memories.
  • Improved cognitive function, concentration and problem-solving abilities.

Ketamine Treatments We Offer

Effective ketamine therapy in different forms

ketamine Nasal spray bottle
Microdosing Oral-tablet-Ketamine

Treatment Program

6 sessions over 3 weeks

8 sessions in 4 weeks

Daily or intermittent use until disease remission


Individually tailored sub-anesthetic doses

Individually tailored sub-anesthetic doses

Individually tailored lower than sub-anesthetic does to avoid dissociative effects




20-40% (sublingual)

Onset of Action


5-10 mins

10-20 mins


Fully controllable dosing to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect in the least number of treatment sessions

Controllable dosing to achieve therapeutic effects rapidly and sustainably

Collaborative management designed to be taken daily over a duration of time. Onset of symptom relief may be slower than IV or intranasal, but many report relief within 1-3 days.

Dissociative Effects

May induce profound psychedelic effects and dissociative effect, or “out of body experience”

May induce profound psychedelic effects and dissociative effect, or “out of body experience”

Doses are titrated to avoid dissociative effects and impairment, but still provide antidepressant and anxiolytic properties


Administered and monitored by a trained doctor or medical provider in the patient's home

Self administered by the patient in their own home, but guided by a doctor or medical provider at bedside

Patient education is in-person with a medical provider, followed by frequent telehealth follow-ups

Integration Therapy





$3000 for 6 dosing sessions

$3600 for 8 dosing sessions

$125 per month subscription*

Boosters (if needed)

$450 per session

$450 per session

$125 per month*

Booster (aIntegration Therapy

$200 per session or your own therapist

$200 per session or your own therapist

$200 per session or your own therapist

* Microdosing starts at $125 per month. For patients requiring higher dosages, the expenses can increase due to the cost of medication. New patients are required to have a Telehealth session at no charge by one of our providers before commencing the medication. 

How Does it Work?


Schedule Free Consultation

New Patients, simply call or schedule a free consultation.  Don’t worry if you don’t know which route or program to choose.  We’ll help you figure that out.  

  1. Review all treatment options, answer questions and help you make informed choices.
  2. Discuss payment and financial considerations.
  3. If ketamine is appropriate for you, conduct a formal Telehealth intake appointment with one of our providers  

After Your Appointment…


Telehealth Appointment

During your telehealth appointment, a healthcare provider will review your medical history and assess your eligibility to safely receive ketamine therapy.  Your provider will also discuss treatment options and walk you through the protocol.  

  1. Review Your Medical History: examine your medical conditions to assess your eligibility for safe ketamine therapy.
  2. Prescribe Appropriate Treatment: based on your assessment and preferences, your provider will prescribe the suitable ketamine treatment program tailored to your needs.
  3. Confirm Your Schedule: to commence your ketamine therapy, your provider will schedule your first in-person appointment or prescription delivery.

Ketamine Appointment

At AVYIA, a licensed doctor or healthcare provider will come to your home to administer your at home ketamine treatment.

For microdosing patients, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how to titrate and manage your ketamine prescription effectively.

For IV and intranasal patients, each at-home treatment session comprises the following components:

  1. Comprehensive medical examination
  2. Professional setup procedures
  3. IV or intranasal ketamine session
  4. Monitor vital signs and side-effects
  5. Provide support and counseling
  6. Thorough documentation and assessments

Integration Therapy (Recommended)

As you are experiencing the afterglow over the next few days and weeks, your brain is making new connections and learning new perspectives.  We encourage you to work with one of our therapists or your own to help you integrate the new insights, awareness and knowledge into your daily life. 


Follow Up

We work with you every step of the way to complete your treatment regimen and achieve remission from your mental health disorder. Our goal is to help our patients to sustain the positive effects of ketamine therapy.  

Some IV and intranasal ketamine patients may require booster treatments periodically if their symptoms return.  Others remain in sustained remission, in which we would love to hear your progress in our follow up courtesy calls.  

Microdosing patients will received frequent follow up calls or telehealth appointment to track their progress until remission is achieved.  Dosage adjustments and progress reports are part of the follow up appointments.  Patients are encouraged to contact us at anytime.