IV Therapy Delivers 100% Absorption of Vitamins & Nutrients, Leading to Faster & Longer Lasting Results.

Experience AVYIA’s Home IV Therapy On Demand Now

At-Home IV Therapy In The Greater Seattle and Eastside Area

We provide on-demand IV therapy at a time and a place of your choice. When you want to look better, feel better, recovery faster, or need a boost in energy, choose AVYIA’s concierge-style healthcare services to be delivered straight to your door.  Doctors and nurses are standing by now!

Nurturing Your Health with Home Infusions.

IV Therapies We Offer

We offer pharmaceutical-grade formulations



$749 / Treatment

Anti-aging, DNA repair, energy metabolism



S249 / Treatment

Restore essential vitamins and minerals



$299 / Treatment

Anti-nausea, rehydration, anti-inflammatory



$349 / Treatment

Complete blend of vitamins and minerals



$349 / Treatment

Athletic recovery and performance



$299 / Treatment

Improve brain functions and learning ability



$299 / Treatment

Promotes beautiful skin, hair, nails and mood



$299 / Treatment

Increase metabolism and breakdown of fatty acids



$299 / Treatment

Relief from bloating, cramps, abdominal and back pain

Vitality IV label


$299 / Treatment

Replenishes fluids, electrolytes, and fights body fatigue



$299 / Treatment

Immune booster that helps prevent illnesses and infections



$349 / Treatment

Detoxification, cellular repair, immune boost

Faster, Longer Lasting, and 100% Absorption

Compared to oral administration, Intravenous therapy works faster, absorption better, and longer lasting.  Other benefits of IV infusions include:  

  • Delivering fluids, medications and nutrients in IV form bypasses the digestive system, avoiding a decrease in absorption via gut metabolism.  
  • IV formulations that get delivered into the bloodstream results in immediate and complete absorption.  Bioavailability is 100%.
  • Increases the effectiveness and duration of the vitamins and nutrients put into the body
  • Lower dosages required to be effective, while reducing risk of side effects.

What Are the Benefits of Home IV Therapy?

Safety | Convenience | Optimization

Safe and Effective Treatment

IV therapies require a licensed health care professional to administer, typically a registered nurse or doctor. Rest assured that AVYIA's team members are all qualified and trained to the highest standards.
IV therapy can be traced back to the early 1600s, when William Harvey discovered the concept of blood and fluid transfusion. Modern techniques and advancements in medicine have made IV therapy one of the safest and most effective medical procedures.

At Home Convenience

Advantages of having IV therapy performed by a visiting nurse at home include convenience, comfort, personalized care, cost-effectiveness and reduced risk of hospital-acquired infections.
Visits to the clinic are no fun. Traffic can be bad, parking can be limited and expensive. Don't forget about all the time wasted waiting on the staff to see you. With AVYIA's home services, you can forget all the unpleasantries of going to the clinic, because you get to stay home!

Improve Health and Wellness

Our IV therapies help in the prevention certain medical conditions, such as infections, inflammation, allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. It also supports your overall wellness: anti-aging, weight control, cognition, immunity, and performance.
IV therapy works rapidly, effectively, and safely while under the supervision of a health care profressional.

Pharmaceutical Grade Therapy

Our evidence-based therapies are based on pharmaceutical compounding formulations, prepared, blended, labeled and sterile for medical use.

One-On-One Care

When our nurse visits you at home, you will receive individual attention from a medical specialist.  Each appointment entails health assessment, administration of the IV infusion, and safety monitoring.  Smiles and great service is always delivered.  


Our clients prefer a 24/7 online-scheduling system, consultation, and home treatment process.  You can also communicate to us the way you want by text, email or phone.

How Does it Work?



New patients, simply reserve your desired IV therapy appointment session on our website by clicking “Appointment” on the top, or use our call-to-text scheduling feature.  Then create a patient portal account to fill out a brief medical intake and sign the consent forms.   

    1. Reserve your desirable appointment time
    2. Input your contact and payment information
    3. Receive email confirmation and register your new patient portal account (OnPatient)
    4. Fill out your medical information and sign the consent forms in OnPatient

Medical Evaluation

We will review your medical history and current medications to ensure the IV therapy you are requesting is appropriate for you.  We may contact you before your appointment if we have any prior questions.  


IV Therapy Home Appointment

AVYIA’s nurses and doctors meet you at your place of choice for the appointment.  We first conduct a medical exam and then administer your IV vitamin therapy of choice.  We’ll guide you through the entire process so you can just sit back and relax.  

  1. Medical exam 
  2. Monitor vital signs
  3. IV therapy session
  4. Health consultation
  5. Documentation and education.  

Follow Up

We can work with you to develop a treatment program, or just let us know when you would like to receive a booster infusion. Our goal is to help our clients achieve health and wellness.

  1. Follow up infusions, if desired
  2. Continuous quality improvement
  3. Maintenance program on demand